There is not only the winged Lion of the Serenissima
and palaces facing the Grand Canal,
the high water in piazza San Marco and the staircase of Rialto.
This Venice was known before anyone put their feet on it,
a place where reality is overwhelmed by its representation.

Certainly charming as a beautiful actress viewed in its prosperous nakedness,
but the photographer,
as a curious traveler and hungry of the essence of the places,
looking for the hidden soul, the most darkest and mysterious corners,
runing through the anonymous old maps,
listening to music of the steps on the bridges,
identifying details, stoping in front of the lights at the windows,
drawing virtual geometries and recomposing
step by step the overall design of the city,
and its change by the passing of time,
parallel to the silent and slow flow of the canals.

Photographs that represents materia and emotions,
and returns the sensation of humid, of time, of beauty,
of the past, of abandoned, of nuanced, of light, of marble, of the shadows,
of melancholy, hope, illusion, well obviously of illusion ...
moreover what is photography if not observing the illusion of reality... is here where I want to push the user,
one has to pretend to be really into those bridges,
in those nocturnal little squares a sort of 3D two-dimensional,
where you do not need polarized eyewear,
but only the desire to go beyond the non-existent glass
that divides it from the opera and feeling the protagonist, rather than an observer.